Doula Work

As of right now, I am currently a Certified Labor Doula with training through Childbirth International. I decided to become a doula after my second baby was born. Sadly, I barely got through my certification before I became pregnant with baby number 3 and I decided that with a toddler on the prowl, a new kindergartener and a newborn on the way, I didn’t think I could be a very good doula to other mom’s. Which ended up being a good choice on my part. I plan on going back to taking clients sometime in later 2012. I also plan on becoming a Childbirth Educator and trained in Placenta Encapsulation in the next year to year and a half. Eventually, I will be going down the path to become an IBCLC.

If you’re curious about what a doula is or does, you are more than welcome to contact me regarding my business, check out my Facebook Page or my business page for all the info you need. I am consistently putting articles on my FB page.



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