Summer Adventures

28 Aug

I haven’t posted a blog in about 3 months now.

I have a good excuse though. You see, we moved! So I’ll give you all the short version:

May-June: we were busy trying to figure out exactly when we’d be moving. A lot of issues came up. We stressed out and got all irritated, but it all worked out in the end. We shipped our van to Washington

July: We put our pup, Moka on a plane to Seattle. We had household goods shipped. We stayed in a hotel in Hawaii till the 9th when the three kids and I flew to Washington. The husband got there around the 17th. We did a bunch of stuff with my parents and bestie. Left for Ohio on the 22nd. Did more stuff with my Inlaws.

August: Flew back to Washigton and stayed for a couple days. Packed up our van with a couple months worth of stuff, camping gear, our kids and our dog and drove, over 5 days, from Olympia, WA to Fort Irwin, CA. Along the way, we camped and stayed in a super tacky theme hotel. Made it to Fort Irwin on Aug 9th. Picked out a house over the next few days, found out that we’d have to wait longer for a house than we thought and got into temporary housing. Reilly started school. We got a new dog, Jasmine from the stray facility here on post. Had a 21 hour power outage (which sucked), had a monsoon (which also sucked) and now here we are!!

In the next month, the husband will be getting ready to do work stuff, we’ll be celebrating Ophelia’s 3rd birthday(!!!!) and we’ll be getting into our own house and having household goods delivered, which also means tv and internet!! Finally. I’ve missed my tv and internet.

More updates to follow, but that’s pretty much the gist of it.

Also, the desert is freakin hot. Like, uncomfortably so. I miss Hawaii a ton right now!


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