14 Apr

I’ve been getting tattoos for 10 years (wow…it doesn’t seem like that long!) over the years, I’ve gotten 18 tattoos…most with a special meaning to me, about my life at the time. Any time I walk into a studio, they forgo the care instructions discussion and just give me a quick reminder that the worst part will only last a few minutes, then quickly mumble “but you’ve done this before…” and get on with it.

I’ve been itching to get some new ink over the last few months since it was March of 2011 when I got my last ink (thanks pregnancy and deployment!) so I decided that since the husband was home, I could leave the kids with him while I went and got some work done!

The fun thing about this trip (yesterday, April 13, 2013) was that I was getting some artwork that my oldest daughter drew. So I decided to take her with me! She’s been to tattoo studios before, but has never actually seen anyone getting a tattoo before. She also went with me when I got my lip pierced, and she had fun watching me get jabbed with a needle. While we were waiting for the artist, Kobi, at Tattoo Hawaii (in Honolulu) to get set up, she asked when he was going to start…she was anxious to watch me get jabbed with needles (she totally admitted that).

So my badass 7 year old got to watch her mommy (who will be “too old” for tattoos in 11 years, apparently) get inked up. She had fun! She got to watch the art of tattooing…she got to chat up one of the owners and make new friends.

I got to spend some alone time with my baby girl and my husband got to spend some time with the wee babes.

All in all, an awesome way to spend a couple hours! In addition to the picture that little miss badass drew, I finally got to get Bachmans name done (14 months later) and add to my husband tattoo since he got promoted (almost a year ago!)

Reilly and I at Tattoo Hawaii!

My zombie that Reilly drew! Love!

Bachmans name!! In his daddy’s handwriting!

Husbands rank. <3



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