It’s Almost Summer!

18 May

Summer is coming! Reilly has just four more days of school…just FOUR more days! Then she’ll be a first grader. I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by and how much she’s grown and learned since last August. I am so proud of all of the things she has accomplished and learned and I am looking forward to the future to see what it holds for her.

So since summer is upon us, I’ve been trying to figure out activities we can do, crafts we can make, places to go…pretty much anything I can think of to keep the kids entertained this summer without sitting in front of the TV all day or sitting inside. We’re only here for another year, and I want to fully take advantage of the amazing weather we are always having and do things with the kids and let them explore and do as much as possible before we start the school year routine again.

And not only do I plan on doing awesome, fun stuff with the kids (and daddy when he’s off work!) but I’m going to get this house in awesome condition. Starting next week and going through ALL of the kids toys and books and tossing stuff….I’m starting next week because Reilly will still be in school and I’d like to get it done without her here. Mean…maybe…but I’ve noticed that little kids are like hoarders. They love ALL their stuff. So it’s just easier if I do (of course, I will take into consideration what she loves and does play with and keep that stuff, but we’ll donate or toss the stuff she doesn’t). I’m going to do one room at a time until they are spotless and organized with zero clutter…which is going to be really time consuming. I’m hoping to get it all done by the time Reilly starts school (she’ll be able to help out with the younger kids by keeping them entertained while I do stuff).

I want to do this so bad…I’ve BEEN wanting to do this for bad, and for a long time. I always feel stressed out in our house because it always seems to be a disaster…it makes me anxious. I want to feel at peace when I come into my home and getting it organized and decluttered will go a long way to making my life more peaceful.

I’m so excited for the next couple months. Even if I break my back by wearing Bachman the entire time, I’m going to make sure my kids have fun this summer. We already kind of got started!

Miss O working on her pillow case

Last week, I found this blog post from Skip To My Lou. Apparently, September 11th is National Make Your Bed Day and this mama decided to decorate pillow cases with her daughter. It was an awesome idea and SO super easy! So I bought plain, white pillow cases at Target for $11.99 and fabric markers for about $6. (I am for sure I could have gotten the pillow cases cheaper somewhere else…maybe I’ll search around next time) I prewashed the pillow cases and then laid them out for the girls and they went to town!

Roo working on her pillow case

Both of the girls had SO much fun! Well, Miss O’s entertainment was short lived. She ends up drawing on herself, or putting the markers where they don’t belong, or climbing up on the counter. But she has an adorable pillow case that she made that she gets to lay on every night. Roo had so much fun working on hers and I love that she gets to get creative and just draw. She’s no Picasso, but her drawings make me so happy. Now that we have the fabric markers, we can draw on all kinds of stuff! I want to try to find (or make) a blanket…maybe sheets? That might take a couple days though. We’ll see! I want to make shirts for all the kids (or rather, have them make them) including LBB, so I have white t-shirts (and onsies) sitting in a laundry basket just waiting to get all drawn on! Maybe a “Takin’ Care of Business” shirt for little man?! The possibilities are ENDLESS! I also want to start cooking with

LBB hanging out while the girls color

Reilly at least once a week. I’ve slowly been getting her into helping me make and prep stuff. A couple weekends ago, she made oatmeal raisin cookies by herself (I helped measure ingredients, crack the eggs, then put them in the oven and she did the rest!) that turned out AMAZING and last week, she helped cut up veggies for dinner (we had a little knife mishap, but everyone is okay and she kept going!) We’ll definitely make some more baked goodies, maybe some bread and sushi too? Who knows, but we’re gonna do it. I have tons of crafts bookmarked and pinned on pinterest. We’ll definitely get through this summer. OH! I’ll also be getting a library card so we can go there! Not just to pick from a wide variety of books, but to keep the house decluttered.


I hope everyone enjoys their summers (to whatever degree you have one) and spends time with their kiddos away from the TV and internet and goes and has fun instead!!

I’ll leave you with the finished pictures of the pillows the girls made! Roo’s has loads of little pictures and Miss O’s….well…she just scribbled on hers. But I love them both all the same!!


One side of Roo’s pillow

The other side of Roo’s pillow case

Miss O’s pillow case! (the other side wasn’t exactly finished)


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