Happy Mother’s Day!

12 May

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I honestly think this is an important holiday, along with Father’s Day (though, for obvious reasons, Father’s Day isn’t as huge as Mother’s Day is. And by obvious, I mean we all know that the dad’s weren’t the ones who grew and nurtured their babies in their bellies and then pushed them out of their hoo-ha. But dad’s are important none the less.)

Six years ago, I became a mom for the first time. I have cried tears of sadness and joy many times in the last 6 years. I have gone through times of never wanting to let my child out of my arms and wanting to duct tape them to a wall. I’ve had my proud moments as a mom and my weak moments.

With the abundance of “mommy wars” going on lately…who does the best for their child…I think we need to take this time to remember that regardless of how we parent, and how we raise our children, (almost) every mother and every father is doing the very best that they can to help form their children to happy, healthy, competent adults. And that’s the only thing that matters.

It doesn’t matter if you had a c-section, an epirdural or a natural birth.
It doesn’t matter if you formula fed or breast fed.
It doesn’t matter if you breast feed for 1 day or 5 years…or not at all.
It doesn’t matter if you cloth diaper or not.
It doesn’t matter if you co-sleep or not.
It doesn’t matter if you vaccinate or not.
It doesn’t matter if you baby wear or push your baby in a stroller.
It doesn’t matter if you home school or send your kids to private school or public school.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a single parent or you aren’t.
It doesn’t matter if you are on welfare or aren’t.
It doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight, lesbian, transgendered, biracial, christian, atheist, muslim, fat, or skinny.

None of that matters. What matters is that you are trying to be the best parent you can be for your child and love them unconditionally.

I have learned a lot of things since I became a mom. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes as a mom (and wife for that matter) but the thing is that I am continually learning. I am learning how to listen to my children and how to deal with their tantrums. I’m learning how to deal with crushes (already!) and disappointments. I’m learning every single day as a mother. And I am eternally grateful to, not just my children for teaching me these things, but my own mother as well, because before I had kids, I had no idea how hard it was…how much I would need to give mentally, emotionally and physically to be a mom. Starting from day one of my first pregnancy until the day I die, I will be teaching my children the way of life, and I can only hope that I do as good of a job as the millions of women before me. And sometimes, the things I learn maybe small in the grand scheme of things…for instance, after having babies, I learned that bodily fluids from small children aren’t that bad. I mean, it’s still gross to get thrown up on, or pooped on, but it could be a lot worse. I learned that a couple hours of sleep is better than none and that I can function better on a little sleep than my baby can. I learned that when they are sad, my heart aches to make them feel better and when they are happy, my heart is happy too. I learned that they are generally capable of way more than we think they are, in all aspects of life.

I love my kiddos. I am proud to be their mother. And I hope that in years from now, when they are grown up and starting lives and families of their own, I can look back and say “I did the best damn job I could possibly do”. They are my whole entire world, and I am so happy that I have them in my life.

This Mother’s Day — take the time to hug your kid(s). Cherish the tiny people that you have in your life. Remember that they are only little for a short period of time. Love them unconditionally. Accept them for who they are. Help them blossom from helpless, tiny little babies into amazing adults. Give them everything you have and then some.

And then sit in a nice, quiet room and think about when you become a grandparent and you can have those small little victories of your grandkids driving your kids crazy. ;) Just kidding…..kinda.

My kiddos — Ophelia, Reilly and Bachman. <3


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