Bachman Update

5 Mar

Haven’t posted since Bachman came home from the hospital. Yikes!

What an amazingly crazy four weeks it’s been in our house! I am happy to say that Ophelia has transitioned beautifully to having a baby in the house. Sure…she loves to smother him with hugs and kisses…and has tried to pick him up a couple of times. But having a baby in the house hasn’t effected her negatively at all. Or at least it seems like it hasn’t. She’s sleeping better (6 out of 7 days a week, she’s sleeping through the night or maybe having a short wake up where it takes less than 10 minutes to put her back to sleep), she has a better attitude…maybe it’s just because I’m not pregnant anymore and I’m generally a happier person too…I’m sure that has a lot to do with it. Haha. But Bachman being in the house seems to be working out wonderfully for everyone.

He’s the perfect little addition to our family.

I’m doing alright too…I thought that adding a baby to our lives would make everything ridiculously stressful and way over the top for me. And while some things have been difficult (like, taking a shower) with a new baby and a toddler not to mention working around Reilly’s school schedule, it’s all been doable. Sometimes I wish I had 10 hands so I could take care of all the things that need to be taken care of…and yea, some days I don’t shower…sometimes dinner is a little late getting on the table and sometimes, the kids go a little longer without being bathed than I would normally like, but all in all, it’s been a pretty easy adjustment. Which I am so thankful for.

The first week after he was home, I was kind of an emotional wreck. I’m not gonna lie, I cried more than I had in the past year. Some days, I just wanted to stay in bed. But I knew that it was going to be short lived…I didn’t feel depressed like I had after having Reilly, just a little overwhelmed and making the adjustment to having a new little person to take care of. Speaking of feeling a little baby bluesy, Brad took care of my placenta pills…he was so amazing and a pretty good sport about the whole thing (he did say that dealing with the placenta was the second manliest thing he’s ever done). So I did start taking my placenta pills…it took about a week and a half or so for them to kick in, but I’ve noticed that I stopped bleeding a lot sooner than I did with Ophelia or Reilly. I noticed that I have an abundance of milk. I’ve been in a generally awesome mood too. Sometimes I still get a little emotional over silly things (like, I was watching reruns of The Voice over the weekend and totally cried at some of the stories.) but that’s normal…for me. I can be an emotional person and silly things make me cry sometimes (thanks mom) and I’m still dealing with the hormones of just having a baby, so I’m not too worried about it. I get up every morning, tired, but ready to start a new day.


I’m happy to report that breastfeeding has been going amazingly well this time around too. It did with Ophelia…not so much with Reilly. I didn’t have a lot of support and I was so uneducated…but that’s neither here nor there. I started pumping so I would have a stash for when I eventually got back into the doula thing (which, I’m shooting for the August time frame) or any other time when I needed it. So far, in the 10 days I’ve been pumping, I’ve gotten 50 or so ounces. Which is pretty damn good considering I could barely get an ounce or two when I used to pump with Reilly, and getting anything more than three was awesome with Ophelia. I’m looking forward to continuing our nursing adventure together. :)

Bachman is doing really well too. At his two week check up, he had gone up to 10lbs 14oz. In the last two weeks I’m positive he’s gone over that 11lb mark and is probably closer to 12lbs. I’m not sure…that’s just my estimate…all I really know is that he’s heavy as hell. He’s a fantastic little sleeper…he sleeps all night except to wake up to nurse, which is just fine by me. He loves being cuddled up to in the middle of the night. I have myself another tummy sleeper, which, doesn’t happen all the time, since usually he’s all cuddled up in my arms. I’m not surprised though. His jaundice seems to be clearing up nicely…a little left in the face, but it seems to be mostly gone. He goes in for his two month check up next month, but I think that I’m going to try to steal the scale at the doctors office when I go in for Ophelia’s 18 month check up in a couple weeks. I’m just so damn curious! Reilly weighed as much as he did at two weeks when she was three months old. It’s just mind boggling to me that not only do I have this huge baby now, but that at one point, he actually fit inside my body. Which, by the way, I’m still on this crazy “omfg I gave birth in my bathroom with my husband catching our baby” high. It’s awesome and I totally love it.


Speaking of how I gave birth, I got mad props at the Battalion Steering Committee meeting that I went to a couple weeks ago. It was kind of awesome I’ll admit. You just don’t hear it very often I guess. Plus, it makes me feel super cool. Like I’m in some kind of secret club. That’s probably weird, but that’s how I feel.


So thats it. My update I’ve been trying to make for weeks now. My parents are coming into town on Thursday (YAY!!) and I can’t wait. Maybe some more updating soon, yea?


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