Kindle Fire Giveaway

1 Mar

I don’t normally do this kinda stuff…I’m pretty lazy when it comes to giveaways and the likelihood of me winning is always pretty slim, but I figure I’ll go ahead and support my fellow Army wife by blogging about her giveaway.

Over at Soldiers Wife, Crazy Life, she’s having a giveaway where Lifetime is giving two lucky people Kindle Fires with Army Wives covers.

I’ll admit, Army Wives is probably one of my biggest guilty pleasures. The husband hates it with a passion because of the inaccuracies. Seriously, I can’t watch it with him in the room or else I spend the entire hour listening to him bitch and moan about this or that. It’s kind of irritating sometimes. So I choose to do the grown up thing and DVR it so I can watch it by my lonesome with a big ol bowl of ice cream (or cup of coffee, depending on when I watch it) and cry if the situation calls for it. So, the 6th season of Army Wives starts Sunday, March 4th (that’s THIS upcoming Sunday) on Lifetime.

It’s already programmed into my DVR. Let the fun begin!!

Also, please stay tuned for an ACTUAL update from me…I haven’t written one in three weeks, but I’m working on it. I swear.


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