Sleep Update

1 Feb

Over a week ago, I made a post about Ophelia’s sleep habits. Then a couple days ago, I posted about how we had one weird night (weird for her sleep patterns), but I wanted to make an update about how everything was going and what I’ve found to be working!


So for the last week now, Ophelia has been doing amazing with her sleep. She went from consistently waking up every 2-3 hours, to waking up maybe twice a night. Instead of laying down with her every time I went in there, I now just lay with her when she initially goes to bed (with the exception of part of two nights ago, but that was different). So here’s what I changed:


–No laying down with her when she wakes up — it was really hard the first day or two not to crawl into bed with her to lay down. I just wanted her to go to sleep and that’s how she’s been going to sleep for the last 16 months, is with me laying right next to her! So it was pretty difficult for both of us when I stopped laying down with her. Now when she wakes up, I sit at the head of her bed (on the floor) and comfort her from there. If she needs and hug or a kiss, then I give it to her, but then she lays right back down. It’s been really awesome. I don’t have to crawl into bed with her and not only be uncomfortable, but risk falling asleep in her bed, thus getting a wickedly horrible back ache, contractions and usually a neck ache too. Sometimes she doesn’t like it, and sometimes she does cry a little bit, but she isn’t throwing a big huge fit, or screaming at me. Sometimes she says “UP!!” and I say no, very nicely.


–using a sippy cup — Ophelia doesn’t “do” lovies. She doesn’t “do” blankets. She doesn’t “do” binkies. She doesn’t “do” those kinds of things. What she DOES do though, is a sippy cup with water. Holla! So at bed time, we get “milk” (whyyyyy she calls it milk is beyond me, but we’ll get through that eventually), she drinks a little bit then hands me her cup, gets comfy and goes to sleep. Usually, it takes about 10-15 minutes for the whole thing to go down. She’s started doing the same thing at nap time as well, which has been really awesome…it’s not a fight at nap time, just have a little drink, then go to sleep. It makes sense…she used to nurse to sleep, so I would assume that using a sippy cup for comfort would be helpful.


–shorter nap times — I considered trying to drop her naps all together…but I couldn’t do that. It wouldn’t work for Ophelia. She can’t function like that…and I knew that. But what hadn’t occurred to me was that she was possibly getting too much sleep. Previously, she was taking two naps…an hour and a half long nap at 9am…then sometime between 1:30-2:30 (depending on what time sister got out of school or if it was a weekend…) she took another nap that was an hour to an hour and a half long. So I cut out one of the naps. Instead of taking two naps, she only takes one and it starts around 10am. Sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later (for instance, the other day, we napped at 9:30am and today, we started our nap at 11:30am) but as long as it’s in the same general time frame, everything is fine. Then she stays up until bedtime, which is as close to 7pm as possible.


Is every single night perfect? Absolutely not. But you know what? It’s better. It’s fantastic how much better her attitude has been. She’s only having small tantrums…she’s not throwing bit huge fits anymore, she’s not ridiculously cranky, and she’s just…generally happy! I’ve been feeling a lot better lately…I’m pregnant tired, not “I’m not getting enough sleep” tired. I’m also getting time to myself…I get to hang out at night and do things that I want to do…like shower or read a book. Things that I didn’t used to be able to do because I was always counting down the minutes until Ophelia woke up. It’s awesome.


It also makes me feel better for when Bachman gets here. I was dreading dealing with Ophelia and Bachman at similar times. And maybe I will have to, but this at least gives me the benefit of the doubt that things will be okay.

Also, this makes me want to tell everyone who gave me the advise of “move her back into your room” or “move her back into your bed” to STFU. I managed to not only get better sleep, but I managed to be there physically and emotionally for my daughter without resorting to letting her scream and cry all night. She knows that if she’s crying (and I mean crying, not fussing) then I will be in her room to rub her back or her head or stroke her hair or give her the sippy cup. It’s the absolute best of both worlds.


It’s awesome. I am loving this and it makes me feel so good about Bachman arriving soon. I’m so much happier too.


And when mama is happy…..

So is everyone else!


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