Sleep Habits: An Odd New Development

27 Jan

So the other day I talked about Ophelia’s sleep issues here and then I did kind of a follow up post here. So today, I’m actually blogging about last night. And yes, specifically last night. Because it was weird.

So night before last (that would be Wednesday night) I made a status update on my Facebook page saying that Ophelia had graced me with a full night of sleeping….okay….a full night of HER sleeping. And usually, when that happens, I either get one more night of awesome sleep, followed by days of really shitty sleep that just wear me out or it just goes back to shitty sleep. So last night when I put her to bed, I wasn’t expecting any miracles…in fact, I was expecting to be up all hours of the night dealing with her and her “attitude”.

I should probably add that since my first post about her sleep issues a couple days ago, I’ve changed a few things. She’s still going to bed between 7-730pm. But instead of taking a nap at 9am and then another one around 3pm, she gets one nap at 10am and sleeps until almost noon, followed by lunch and then staying up and playing, eating dinner and a bath before bed time. She’s also taking a cup of water to bed with her. I’m not sure if I mentioned in my last post how I have been completely unsuccessful in getting her to take a lovie or blanket to bed. This kid doesn’t even like to be covered up by blankets while she’s sleeping (weirdo) and haven’t been able to get her to attach herself to anything. Except this damn cup. She cuddles it like it’s her favorite stuffed animal.

So last night, I went and laid in bed with her, per usual, at about 7:15pm. I gave her kisses and a hug, and said that it was night-night time and gave her her cup of water. She lay down, tossed and turned for a little bit…drank some water, but finally snuggled up against me and fell asleep. Then I got up, went down stairs and per her usual habits, she was up less than an hour later crying. I went upstairs to find her sitting up in bed. I told her it was night night time, and that she needed to lay down. I stayed on the outside of her bed…I didn’t get in it and cuddle with her like I normally do. This is also something I’ve been trying not to do the last couple of days. Not because I don’t want to, but because she needs to not have me there every single time, and well, it’s just plain uncomfortable. So I stayed on the outside of her bed, helped her get back onto her pillow, made sure she had her cup, and rubbed her back a little bit. She was back asleep within 10 minutes. I wasn’t so surprised about the time it took,  since she usually goes back to sleep pretty quick, but I was a little shocked that there wasn’t more screaming or crying involved.
Fast forward a couple hours. It’s getting to be close to 11pm…which means I need to try to go to sleep. And generally, on her bad nights, it’s like she has this 6th sense about when I’m going to go to bed. It usually means “OH MAN! TIME TO GET THE FUCK UP AND CRY!!”

Which is exactly what she did. But when I went in there, I just barely touched her, and she fell over like she was one of those people getting healed at those crazy huge churches.

[please ignore the Skyrim reference and just know that that’s exactly what she did was fall the hell over]

So she lay back down, I made sure she had her cup (she was still holding onto it) and I rubbed her back for less than 5 minutes. I stayed in her room until I was positive she was asleep, and left.

The same thing happened around 1am or so. Minus the falling over like she was being healed. At her 1am wake up, she actually got out of bed and went to the baby gate and cried. When I went in there, I said “okay, lets go back to bed and lay down” and without picking her up, or even wanting to be picked up, she walked back to her bed, got in, laid down and let me rub her back till she fell asleep.

Who the hell is this baby?! And why is this so easy??!!

So I went back to bed. She woke up about a quarter to four where she fussed for a few minutes, then fell back asleep (no crying at all).

Woke up again at about 4:30am. I figured this would be where she would want to get back into bed with me, which is pretty normal. She was standing at the baby gate with her water. Once she saw me, but before I could even say anything, she was halfway back to her bed. She could see me coming in the dark and she just walked to her bed, climbed in, and waited for me to come over and rub her back.

Each time I went in there, she was asleep within 10 minutes without screaming or crying, a little bit of fussing and tossing, but that was it.

I’m not sure if this will continue. I just put her to bed, so we’ll see what happens tonight. It was all just so weird. So unlike her. It was nice!! I’m hoping that even with all these weird transitions that are happening (daddy on a new schedule, new baby coming, moving into her own room) maybe she’s finally starting to understand that she’s fine and safe and mommy is right down the hall and she needs to sleep. We’ll see.

Maybe then I can write a very awesome public service announcement to the attachment parenting community telling them all very nicely that they can suck it because not every baby needs to move back into mommy and daddy’s room after being moved out and there are ways to be there for your child without letting them cry but without losing your sanity as well.

I’ll update again in a couple of days. Lets all cross our fingers that this isn’t a fluke!


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