Cotton Babies Rant

21 Jan

So, as you’ve maybe (probably not) noticed, I haven’t posted my January pictures recently. No worries. I’ve been taking them, just haven’t been posting them. And I accidentally skipped a day, then forgot to take a picture of what I meant to take a picture of, so it’ll have to wait till Monday. But I’ll be posting them soon. I promise!

On to the rant!

Anyway. So around the 14th, I placed an order with a cloth diaper company…Cotton Babies. I had never ordered cloth diapers from them before, but they had a deal on the Flip system that I’ve been wanting to try, so I decided to get it. The pack I ordered was 2-one-size flip diaper covers and 18 disposable inserts, along with 3 organic washable inserts. It was a little under $50. I chose “economy” shipping, which, they didn’t have a price for on their website for Alaska and Hawaii residents, but on their invoice that they send you after completing an order, it states the following:

Shipping total is accurate only for orders within the contiguous United States.
Customers living in Hawaii or Alaska will be invoiced separately for exact Priority Mail shipping rates.

Which, no big deal right? Maybe it’s just me…but when it states Customers living in Hawaii or Alaska will be invoiced separately for exact Priority Mail shipping rates I assume that I’ll be getting an email stating exactly what my shipping rates are going to be.

Am I wrong? I mean, it says that I’m going to be invoiced…you would think that it means they will let me know what exactly I’m going to be charged for shipping.

Don’t get me wrong…I understand that shipping rates to Hawaii aren’t that cheap (though, sometimes, they are surprisingly). I don’t expect to not pay for shipping somewhere. However, five days later when I was mysteriously charged $14.92 by Cotton Babies out of the blue, I was a little pissed. I figured it was for shipping, but I had never received any kind of notice that I was going to be charged any amount of money randomly. I sent their customer service an email, asking for an explanation. Dede in the customer service department, quickly responded to my email, stating that it was a shipping charge.  I wrote her back, firstly, thanking her for a quick response (I was trying really hard not to be a bitch because I knew what it was…I just wanted it brought to THEIR ATTENTION.) I quote the above from the invoice. I told her that I found it unacceptable that I was charged out of the blue. I made sure to state that I understand that shipping to Hawaii is generally higher and calculated later sometimes, which was fine…but what wasn’t okay was the fact that I was charged WITHOUT NOTICE.


Her response back to me was the following: I’m so sorry, by invoicing it means charged, there’s no way we can hold them, it’s a very rapid automatic system.

Wait…WHAT?! In WHAT universe does invoicing = charging? If you just charge someones credit/debit card when you figure out what shipping is, then SAY THAT.

But to me, invoicing is sending me at least a fucking email saying that shipping equals X amount of money and my card will be charged. I’m fine with that. But not informing me of either the amount OR the fact that they were going to just charge my card….unacceptable.

What if I didn’t have the money in that specific account? Times are rough for most people…what if I had been saving that money for food? (I wasn’t, but I’m just saying…there’s a lot of what-ifs) What happened if that money wasn’t there? Would they contact me then? Saying “Hey, we tried to take money out of your account, but we couldn’t because there wasn’t any in there!!”

Look, I used to work at a car dealership. We mailed out invoices. Monthly. We never charged anything without anyone’s notice or approval. That’s called stealing. Or fraud…whichever category it falls into (I would assume stealing, but I guess it could be fraud if we were pretending to be said other company). But invoicing meant invoicing…sending out a statement saying that you owe X amount of money. We get invoices from our lawyers office. Stating that we owe X amount of money. INVOICING IS NOT CHARGING.

How is that okay? Maybe I’m completely overreacting. Maybe my pregnancy hormones are getting the better of me. But is it really too hard to ask for a simple, even automated email just giving me a heads up? For the record, the “rapid automatic system” charged my card a full 5 days AFTER I had placed my order in the first place. So apparently, it’s not all that rapid.

As of right now, I have no plans to order anything from Cotton Babies again. Unless they change their “invoicing” policy to clearly state that the customers card will be charged (for Alaska or Hawaii residence) when shipping is totaled up. Seriously, I can write it for them:

On the invoice:
Customers living in Hawaii or Alaska will be automatically charged when exact shipping rates are totaled.

Customers living in Hawaii or Alaska will be sent notifications of exact shipping rates, when, at that time, the card used to place this transaction will be charged.

There. I did their job for them.


Is that really too hard? Am I completely overreacting? Or is this completely unacceptable?  Sorry Cotton Babies. You totally lost yourself a customer. Clean up your invoices and charge policy. Then we’ll chat.


One Response to “Cotton Babies Rant”

  1. Justin 22 January, 2012 at 05:44 HST #

    You’re completely correct in the fact that they should send an updated invoice before they charge you. The fact that they did not is unprofessional and just bad business. You’re totally justified in wanting to bring this to the companies attention so that they might correct this oversight in the future. Are you overreacting? Your course of action says no but your emotional response might be a little high on the temp. gauge. You know you’re right in the principle you’re defending and that may be giving you more fire than you need in this situation.

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