Birth Plan

15 Jan

I think I’ve previously made mention of my birth plan. Maybe I haven’t, I’m not quite sure. If I didn’t, I’m sure I meant to.

Anyway. I’ve been going round and round with this birth plan. Had I been giving birth in a birth center or at home, I wouldn’t have even bothered, but since I’m having Bachman at the military hospital and we’re planning on some “off the cuff” things (taking our placenta home) , I felt a birth plan was necessary. Also, I’m not cool with the “typical” hospital protocol, so I definitely feel like I need to voice my wants.
I had already planned on writing about mine, as soon as it was finished, and today I had a friend on Facebook ask if I would share it on my blog. And of course, not only did I plan on it, but I am more than happy to share! I kept it short…to one page. I added in a section for if I have to have surgery (I always do). I also added a little note at the top to the staff letting them know that I understand that the birth may not happen exactly how I plan it and blah, blah, blah. I totally get that emergencies happen. I understand that I can’t control everything. And I’m okay with that. However, these are the things that I want for the birth of MY baby. Hopefully I’ll get more of them this time! On every birth plan I’ve made, I’ve wanted to delay the cord clamping until it stops pulsating. Didn’t happen with either baby. Ophelia got eye ointment without my consent. I’ve had directed pushing both times (though the first time, I did have an epidural and couldn’t feel when to push, so I’m not too upset about that) even when I didn’t need it (Ophelia). So that just shows that not everything goes as planned. Birth plans are not set in stone and I think more women need to realize that. And I think that’s why you’ll read on a lot of websites that doctors or nurses laugh when mom brings in a birth plan or make comments about birth plans mean someone’s getting a c-section. I think it’s bologna. Not to mention, unfair. But I digress…this isn’t a post about doctors and birth plans…this is my birth plan.


So without further adieu!


Dear Hospital Staff,

We trust in your expertise and sensitivity and thank you in advance for your support during our birth. Below is our “ideal” birthing scenario, but we realize that in the event of a life-threatening emergency, we will be relying on your professional judgment and skills to see us through. If the labor is normal, we ask that you refrain from using any interventions not previously agreed upon.
-Please DO NOT offer me drugs AT ALL
-natural methods of dealing with labor pains — pain management: movement, bath/shower, birth ball, massage, etc.
– minimal/intermittent EFM
– no IV/IV port
-minimal vaginal exams
-no AROM (artificial rupture of membranes)

-calm, quiet, dim room
-no directed pushing
-prefer to risk a tear than have an episiotomy (side note: I’ve had an episiotomy…it wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but I’d rather tear. Seriously)
-positions: whatever feels right.
-no Pitocin shot to help deliver placenta
-we will be taking our placenta home with us – please DO NOT treat with chemicals. The placenta needs to remain untainted.
-I would like my husband (Brad) to catch our baby

After Delivery & Infant Care
-please let the cord stop pulsing before cutting
-have Brad cut the cord
-skin to skin contact with mother or father immediately after birth
-breastfeeding within the first hour
-breastfeeding only – no bottle/formula feeding
-please wait to do any non-urgent procedures (weight/height/bath/etc.)
-no erythromyacin (eye ointment), vitamin k shot or hep b vaccination

In case of a C-Section:
– Brad to be present at all times
-lowered screen a bit so I can see my baby
-at least one free hand
-baby given to Brad as soon as he is cleaned off
-to breastfeed as soon as possible
-as much skin to skin contact as allowed with me

So there it is. My birth plan. I think I have everything on there that I want…I kept thinking that I was missing something. I did some looking around on the internet (avoiding places like BabyCenter and the like, which cater to a wide range of women, including elective c-section mamas) and got some ideas about what to add in there. Up until yesterday, I didn’t have anything regarding c-sections. And I don’t know why…I’ve had it with both my other births. I’ve always tried to be prepared, even for something that I didn’t want..and in the event of a c-section (unless it is a true emergency where they have to put me under — which doesn’t happen very often anymore) that’s how I want it to go.

After getting my birth plan finished and writing up packing lists for the hospital (which, by the way, after looking at a sample hospital bag checklist, out of the probably 40 things they had on the list, mine is a whooping 13. I learned last time what I did and didn’t need.) and the girls, I feel a little bit more at ease about the birth.

Which is a good thing. Because I have 30 days left until my guess date!


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