This Might Be A “Duh” Moment But….

12 Jan

So, I know I’m not the smartest person ever. Really, I’m not. My husband is ridiculously smart. But I know stuff and sometimes I have good ideas and today, while I was letting my little toddler play in the bath after our shower, I decided that the bathroom sinks were bugging the hell outta me. They were gross. Mine gets makeup and shit all in it, the husband…well…I don’t know what happens to his, but it was gross too. So I thought to myself “well, it’ll take me two seconds to go get a wash cloth, get it wet then wipe out the sinks real quick.”

That seemed like too much work. I had to walk all the way down the hallway, dig through the wash cloths to find one that I didn’t mind using to wipe the sink, walking all the way back and then wiping out the sinks with just water (since I didn’t have anything that would “clean” it in my bathroom).

So I decided that it would just have to wait till this weekend when we were cleaning all the bathrooms anyway.

But then I spied these puppies


Handy Dandy Make-Up Wipes

Now, obviously, you can see that these are makeup wipes. I buy them from Target. Yea, they are Target brand too. I don’t like using soap because…and this is going to sound really silly…I don’t actually like washing my face. The act of putting water on my face with soap just weirds me out. I do it…but I’d rather just use a make-up wipe and be done with it. Easy peasy right?

So this afternoon (yup) after my shower, I noticed I had some left over mascara that I needed to take care of. So I got one of these out and wiped my face. And then, it hit me! I looked at the barely used wipe and decided that it was such a waste just to use it for a tiny bit of mascara, then throw it away…so what did I do? I used it to clean the fuck out of the two sinks. Also, when I scrubbed the shit outta the bathroom a couple weekends ago with bleach spray and all, some of the stuff in my sink didn’t come up. Most of it was makeup (surprised?) which was really irritating. But this makeup wipe TOTALLY got all that crap up.

Now, you’re probably thinking, what the hell does this have to do with me? And why the hell is this at all worth blogging about? Well, to be honest, it probably isn’t. But I thought it was cool. And then I was like “Why the fuck didn’t I think of this before?!” I use them on a(n almost) daily basis (give a pregnant lady a break please) so why don’t I just wipe up my messes?

Oh I will be. I will.

Any quick cleaning tips that work for you? I’ve never been a “clean as you go” type person, but every now and again, I think of something quick and easy I can do. And now this is one of them. You’re welcome.


One Response to “This Might Be A “Duh” Moment But….”

  1. leece9767 13 January, 2012 at 05:05 HST #

    GREAT idea that ya…I would have never considered! My sink gets makeup in it too, so now I’m buying some of these!

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